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Antigua & Barbuda Immigration Information Work Permit

Antigua & Barbuda offers a number of opportunities for expatriates seeking to work there The tourism industry is thriving, and there are also possibilities in teaching and medical service.

Anyone who is not a citizen of Antigua & Barbuda, temporary resident and does not have an Antigua & Barbuda passport, a work permit is mandatory.

In order for an expatriate to work in Antigua & Barbuda, the employer must be able to prove that they have tried to recruit a local worker first but were unable to fill the position. They must show that they have interviewed locals and demonstrate why they were unsuitable for the job. An employer can also hire senior managers and skilled professionals such as accountants from abroad. It is the employer who must apply for the permits from the Ministry of Labour before advertising a position abroad; the employee should not have to deal with the paperwork themselves.

The cost of a work permit ranges from EC$500 to EC$7,500. Top management personal position would cost EC$7,500 and if that person is a CARICOM national, the cost would be EC$5,000. For position such as receptionist, the cost would be between EC$500 and EC$600. So the cost of a work permit all depends on the position in the business or company. It is illegal for an employer to state the position of employee as a receptionist and in the end the person is a manager. He can face charges or imprisonment.

Work permits are generally issued for one year, although this can be renewed if the employer can demonstrate a good reason why they need to keep that particular worker.

Do note that work permits are unlikely to be issued to somebody who has a police record in their home country, but there is some room for negotiation between the Labour Department and the Immigration Department, depending on the type of offence committed.





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